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    Hello Cajon Park Families,


    Welcome back to another exciting year at Cajon Park!  If you are new to Cajon Park, you are joining an amazing school community.  Cajon Park is beloved by parents, students, staff and alumni.  When you walk on the campus and meet our community members it is easy to see why.  Cajon Park is a compassionate school that cares deeply for our students.


    There are many exciting things that are happening at Cajon Park during this transformational time in education.  Over the past two years, we have developed a diagnostic and prescriptive Response to Intervention and Instruction program that has served as a model for schools in other districts.  We have increased engineering opportunities for students in all grade levels.  We have developed elective courses that focus around engineering and technology.  And, we continue to explore innovative leaning environments.


    We believe that this upcoming school year will be among the best years ever at Cajon Park.  This year you will have many opportunities to become engaged with our school.  We have become a “Trauma Informed School” where each staff members received training on connecting with students in order to improve relationships among all community members.  We are developing systems to provide increased positive recognition for our students.  We are developing parent institutes and workshops so that parents can develop skills when working with their children.  We are training our students in social-emotional learning so they can self-regulate their emotional state.  We are developing therapeutic responses for when behavior concerns need to be addressed so relationships can be restored. We will facilitate opportunities for students to learn from mistakes, not to simply punish.


    We also have exciting news regarding our partnership with Qualcomm’s Thinkabit Lab.  Qualcomm is working closely with Cajon Park to develop a first class engineering lab that will teach our Junior High students mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering skills that will directly support the programs that are offered at our local high schools.  Our vision is to continue to develop this program so that it will be available to all students at Cajon Park. 


    Everything that we are doing is to improve our student performance in Literacy and Numeracy so they are prepared for college and career opportunities ahead.  As our vision states, Cajon Park inspires meaningful learning through creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to prepare learners for an ever-changing world.


    Your administrative team,


    Mike Olander, Principal

    Johanna Simko, Vice Principal

    Chasity Forster, Administrative Intern