• Welcome to Room #32
    5th Grade
    Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour:) 
    Welcome Back to the 2018-19 School Year:) If your student is on my roster and you are reading this, please make a commitment to:
    1. Make sure your student has sufficient sleep as I do myself so I will not be a daily, cranky hag:)
    2. Eat a significant breakfast that will last them until recess or lunch:). (I do this also)
    3. Allow sufficient time to arrive at school on time:) 
    These three commitments by parents can impact a student's self image and efficacy significantly in ways that are wholly positive in every respect.
    This website is intended for students enrolled in Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour's class. It will be updated for field trips and parent conferences. Weekly announcements will occur via Remind Text Messaging Service. Please sign up for Remind Text Messaging from me to you:
    Text this message:    @looncall
    to the number:          81010
    I also use Class Dojo.
    Scholastic Book Order information for my class is at the bottom of this page:)
    You will receive text messages weekly in the form of announcements and reminders. 
    Upcoming Curriculum
    Nightly Homework
    Reading 40 minutes
    Any unfinished work from class
    Daily Work
    Book summaries
    ( 12 per report card grading period)
    5 Paragraph Essays
    (easier than you think)
    Social Studies
    Art (at rotations)
    Rotations for Targeted Work and Fine Arts
    (rotations typically begin in early October)
    Sixth Grade Camp for Next Year
    Now is the time to start saving for next year's 6 th grade camp. Call the Cajon Park office for information and suggestions for saving. 


    Math Unit 1 Fractions
    Reading T B D
    Writing Tri 3  5 Paragraph Essays - Narrative
    Social Studies Project
    Science Project
    Engineering Project Study
    Rotation for Targeted Review
    Fine Arts Rotation TBD
    Field Trips
      This area is specifically for information regarding out of class excursions. Expectations for behaviour is the same for class and field trips:) Parents, be advised the early bird does catch the worm so speak up via email or phone message quickly if you wish to attend an outing. I cannot accept a student's request because all want their parents to go and there are not enough spaces for each trip. The spaces fill up within about 72 hours. Be advised to act quickly:)
    7:45 Achieve
    8:05 Reading
    8:45 PE
    9:20 Recess
    9:35 Wonder Reading and Writing 
    10:40 Math
    11:50 Lunch
    12:35 RTI /Friday Fine Arts
    1:15 Social Studies/Science
     Garden Volunteers for Room 32
    FUN!!!...if you love to be outside and work with children, this part of volunteering is a blast! Please call if you would be interested in this part of our weekly curriculum. I send three groups of 11 or so students on a day that works for you and our master gardeners who will assist you:)
    Possible Months:)
    End of School Year Party in June
    Parties in 5 th grade are donations only. There is more emphasis placed on the student responsibility and less on a note home for the parents. Donations are appreciated but not expected and we share what comes in.:)
    This website is used to distribute information regarding the students in Room #32. All information will be updated with regard to large projects, homework, field trips, and other important data.
    Mrs. Schmidt email is jeanne.schmidtmansour@santeesd.net Classroom telephone number is 619.956.2455.
    Mrs. Schmidt's Classroom Scholastic Book Club Orders Class Activation Code MKLH8 Check here for upcoming Field Trip information! 
     PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP AND A HEARTY BREAKFAST.  Any questions regarding its content please call 619.956.2455.