• Welcome to Room #32
    5th Grade
    Mrs. Schmidt:) 
    Welcome to the 2017-18 calendar school year. This website is intended for students enrolled in Mrs. Schmidt-Mansour's (herein Mrs. Schmidt) class. It will be updated for field trips and parent conferences. Weekly announcements will occur via Remind Text Messaging Service. Please sign up for Remind Text Messaging from me to you:
    Text this message:    @looncall
    to the number:          81010
    You will receive text messages weekly in the form of announcements and reminders. 
    Upcoming Deadlines
    None at this time. 
     Parent Conference Schedule 
    Mon. Nov. 13
    7:00 Blocked out
    7:15 Daniel D.
    12:30 Chloe B.
    12:45 Manuel N.
    1:00 Noah Q.
    1:15 open
    1:30 Ryan O.
    1:45 Chopee S.
    2:00 Violet K.
    2:15 Cole B.
    Tues. Nov. 14
    7:00 Samantha G.
    7:15 Kyle D.
    12:30 Carter N.
    12:45 Madison B.
    1:00 Robert S.
    1:15 Sophie G.
    1:30 Will M.
    1:45 open
    2:00 Ivan M.
    2:15 open
    2:30 Natalie K.
    2:45 open
    3:00 open
    3:15 Shaylee K.
    3:30 open
    3:45 Rodrigo I.
    4:00 Raynie Z.
    Weds., Nov. 15
    7:00 open
    7:15 Gavin W.
    12:30 Christopher H.
    12:45 open
    1:00 open
    1:15 open
    1:30 open
    1:45 Raynie Z.
    2:00 Zoe R.
    2:15 Brooklyn M.
    Thurs. Nov. 16
    7:00 open
    7:15 Kayden H.
    12:30 Logan M.
    12:45 open
    1:00 open
    1:15 open
    1:30 open
    1:45 open
    2:00 Daniel W-K.
    Phone Conferences
    1. Landon B. 
    If you are concerned or would like to met at any time of this calendar school year, please call 619.956.2455 or email  jeanne.thill@santeesd.net 
    7:45 Achieve
    8:05 Reading
    8:45 PE
    9:20 Recess
    9:35 Wonder Reading and Writing 
    10:40 Math
    11:50 Lunch
    12:35 RTI 
    1:15 Social Studies/Science
     Any questions or concerns please email or phone ... jeanne.thill@santeesd.net 619.956-2455   
    Field Trips 2017-18 
    Our first field trip is to see:
    November 17 th, 2017
    we will return for normal lunch time:)
    Permission Slips 
    will go home the week of 10/9:)
    I announced this filled trip on Remind
    snd all six chaperone places have been taken.
    I do have an Alternate List in
    case any parents cannot make it.
    That list currently has three 
    parents on it...:)
    In the event no one cancels, these three 
    parents will have first pick of the next field trip.
    Thank you for your support and understanding. FYI most students immediately say they want their parent to attend field trips. The number in this case was way more than I could have. I said
    i would accept the first six parents who contacted me to say they could make it. If no cancellation occurs, I will ask other teachers if they have openings in their classroom for chaperones. I cannot promise anything but I will ask:)
    Jeanne Schmidt
    This website is used to distribute information regarding the students in Room #32. All information will be updated with regard to large projects, homework, field trips, and other important data.
    Mrs. Schmidt email is jeanne.thill@santeesd.net. (yes, I know, it has not been updated yet) Classroom telephone number is 619.956.2455.
    Mrs. Schmidt's Classroom Scholastic Book Club Orders Class Activation Code MKLH8 Check here for upcoming Field Trip information! 
     PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT HAS A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP AND A HEARTY BREAKFAST.  Any questions regarding its content please call 619.956.2455.