Mrs. Delacruz 1st Grade
    Welcome first graders!
    Please click the link above to see our class letter.
    See you soon!
    Daisy Delacruz 

    1st Grade Supply List

    We are so excited to welcome you to the first grade! Thank you for all of your donations. Here is a list of supplies that we will need in first grade.

    School Supplies:

    ***1½ inch view binder***

    (This will be used for their end of the year Portfolio.)

    *Headphones/Ear Buds for your child to use with their iPad

    Wish List

    * White paper plates (cheap white uncoated)

    *Ream of computer paper

    * Ream of white card stock 8 1/2 x 11 inch (thick paper)

    * 1 box of Crayola brand markers (thin or thick)

    * I box of Crayola brand colored pencils

    * Ziploc baggies (boys bring gallon size and girls bring sandwich or snack size) (any brand)

    *Baby Wipes (any brand)

    * Cleaning wipes

    *1 box of Kleenex (any brand)

    * Soap