March 27, 2020
    Dear 6th Grade Families, 
    We sincerely hope you and your families are well during this challenging time.  As a entire staff we met with Mr. Dobbins and we were given information that we would like to share. Frustrating as it may seem we don't have a definite answer to give to all of you regarding how April 13th will look.  However, the expectation is to have students return to school on April 13th. When the health order expires on March 31st, the superintendent is meeting with other officials to make a decision about how students will continue their education. Once we have more information to share about our return we will let you know as we are very eager to be with your children. 
    We miss them.
    Message from our Superintendent:
    "Our current reopening date is April 13th. However, the District is working closely with both County and State Health officials to determine when it will be appropriate to return. There will absolutely be more communication regarding our timelines before April 13th that will inform all parents and students of the plan moving forward!"
    Please keep monitoring your emails and the district's webpage to have the most current information. 
    Please take a moment to fill out this form we would like to make sure we are communicating with all our 6th grade families. It might seem redundant however, sometimes there are errors in inputting information. Thank you.
    Thank you so much for filling out this form; we want to make sure we are communicating with all 6th families.


    Wishing you all the best,
    Ms. Simon, Mr. Jennings, Mrs. Hensley, Mrs. Navallez, Mrs. Hodge, Ms. Lloyd, Mrs. Gilbert and Ms. Carroll




    Simon Check in March 22

    March 22, 2020

    Dear Parents and Students,

       I hope you are all well. I just wanted to reach out and see how everyone is doing. It has been a weird/interesting past week and we are all adjusting to a new norm for the time being. I think about all my students all the time and miss seeing them on a daily basis. I greatly hope that we will return after spring break, but we have to take each day one at a time. To keep Cajon Park students connected, I have created a Flipgrid for students to share their ideas, respond to challenges, and share their experiences. The Flip code is CPSimon35.

       During this time of school closures, I will be posting assignments and activities for students to complete. All of these assignments and activities are optional. I know that not everyone took home their district iPad, or may not have access to reliable internet, so do not stress if your child is unable to access the materials. I am in the process of updating Powerschool. Please have your children check to make sure they have submitted all of their work prior to the school closures. 

        I am also posting other online resources for students to use to keep up their academic skills. Students, please check Google Classroom on a daily basis and try a few activities listed. 

    No Red Ink.     Class code: good-bell-28

    ReadTheory.org.  Class Code: 9DQLN492

    Code.org.       Log in with Google


            Also, Amplify library has a plethora of digital books for you to read. Students, remember you can get to any of your resources by logging into Clever. Please feel free to take advantage of the resources offered through the digital learning that our district has spent time acquiring for all students: 


          Please feel free to contact me anytime. We are all figuring this out together.


    Mrs. Eleni Simon


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