• We are College Bound! No Excuses!!


    U - C - L - A  ..... GO BRUINS!




    Our Goal: To become responsible for our academic success and behavioral choices.

    Be truthful and set a good example for others.

    -Treat others with kindness and with fairness.

    - Do quality work in class and on homework assignments.

    - Treat others with respect, use proper manners, and clean up after yourself.



    Please continue with reading every night, including weekends to increase reading fluency and comprehension!


    Karin McCurdy 

    Welcome to Room 3  
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     Scholastic book club orders can be made at anytime online!!!! Please order at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs anytime using our special class code HDJ2D.  With every order our class earns bonus points to purchase books for Room 3's library. Thank you for supporting our class!!!
                                       EPIC BOOKS!!!
    HOMEWORK  Please help your child remember to complete their homework each night.
    They will  have 1 spelling assignment each night. The spelling assignments do not have to be returned to school. Students may choose any lessons on Spelling City (online) OR they may choose one of their spelling activities from the paper in their homework folder.
    Students will be expected to read 30 minutes each day. They will fill out a reading log that will be due each week.
    Each night they will have online math practice activities.Students should work on memorizing multiplication and division facts, as well as addition and subtraction to increase accuracy. Dreambox is part of our district Math curriculum. Moby Max,  Xtra Math, , Math Magician, Ten Marks, and Math Fact Cafe are some of the online math practice sites we will be using.
     Thanks for sending in classroom supplies - the children and I really appreciate it!  We currently have 24 students in our class.  When sending in items to share, please provide enough for 24 children. Thanks!
    If you would like to donate any of the following items to the classroom, it would be greatly appreciated:
    1) Ticonderoga brand pencils (they sharpen well)
    2) white printer paper
    3) white lined paper
    4) colored erasers for pencils
    5) tissues
    6) ziploc baggies
    7) any type of art supplies
    8) Dry erase markers
    9) Crickets, mealworms, lettuce or cilantro (for the bearded dragons and leopard geckos)!
    Thank you so much for your help!
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