• Fiscal Services
    ...providing services that support the District's financial health and ensure fiscal solvency

    The District's Fiscal Services Department provides fiscal and accounting services to ensure financial legal compliance for all nine schools within the District and its departments.  The Fiscal Services professional team manages the District's approximately $53 million budget and serves as a financial hub for the collection, processing, and dissemination of fiscal, budgetary, and statistical information on behalf of the District and its community.  Staff responsibilities include budget development and monitoring, payroll processing, accounts payable/receivable, mandated cost reimbursement, attendance reporting, Student Body accounting, cash collection, and legal compliance with State and Federal fiscal reporting.  The Fiscal Services Department also includes purchasing and procurement of supplies and equipment Districtwide. The Department interacts with site and department administrators to assist and support with general business and financial operations.  Budget training is provided on a wide variety of financial issues and mandated reporting.  The Fiscal Services team's mission is to provide services that support the District's financial health and ensure fiscal solvency while striving for excellence in customer service relations and support provided to school sites, departments, employees, and parents districtwide.  The team prides itself on a job well done and because of such, team members have been recognized by the Board of Education with a Certificate of Appreciation.  Team members have also recieved District employee of the year awards at various time periods. 
    Tory Long
    Business Services Coordinator 

    Business Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Last Modified on January 11, 2013