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    Welcome to Junior High!!
    Distance Learning Plan - 5/26-5/29 (see due dates)
    Distance Learning Plan - 5/18-5/22 (assignments due May 25 unless noted)
    Distance Learning Plan - 5/11- 5/15 (these assignments due by Sunday, May 17)
    Distance Learning Plan - 5/4-5/8 (these assignments due by Sunday, May 10)
     Distance Learning Plan - 4/27-5/1 (these assignments due by Sunday, May 3)

    Distance Learning Plan - 4/20-4/24 (these assignments due by Sunday, April 26)

    Distance Learning Plan - 4/16-4/17 (these assignments due by Sunday, April 19)

    Distance Learning Document

    Other activities you can be doing on a daily basis:

    Read everyday

    Practice math skills - Khan Academy

    NoRedInk - master topics

    Keep a journal of your experiences

    Go outside and play

    Stay Safe

    Hope all of you are doing well! Email me, text me or call me if
    you want to chat!!
    Meaux 619-375-3190


    Phone number: 619-956-4578

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