Cell Model Project

     Welcome to my Website!   Mrs. Valerie Iverson
    I'm Mrs. Valerie Iverson and I'm so lucky to be teaching my favorite grade level.....
    Jr. High!!!!!
    I teach 7th grade Science  a 7th grade beginning drama elective and an 8th Grade performing Drama elective,
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    Parent Letter-Please Read   After you  read this, please fill out the parent/student info. form your child will receive the first or second day of school.  This needs to be  returned to me and will count as an assignment.
     Below is the link to, "Remind 101"  Please click on the link to subscribe.  We are hoping to get all our students and parents included.  
    This is a convenience that will alert you, through a text,  about upcoming events. We try to use this to dispense "reminders":  tests, notice returns, etc.


     Paper copy directions Remind101 
     Link to EASYBIB tutorial  https://youtu.be/0LgNDp86Q4s
    val.iverson@santeesd.net (best method of communication)
    Phone: 619- 956-4562  (classroom phone)
    Rm. 102
    "Active Art" for extra credit  are  found in each chapter.  They are websites, found in a small box, at the top of some pages.  I have "modeled" how to use these.  Students are invited to do the activity, then they can either email the results, take a picture of the results, or print out out the results.  There is a small quiz for every activity.  Extra Credit is only given to the current chapter.  Only two per trimester, (20 points)