5th Graders

                     Welcome to Ms. Lampe's Class

  • What are We Reading and Writing?   

    30 Book Challenge - Students still have opportunities to read many book options to reach the goal of 30 books. Keep your child reading most nights (including at least one day on the weekend), so they continue developing their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills.
    Trimester 1 - Narrative reading and writing
    Different types of narrative books may be included on their READING LIST for the 30 BOOK CHALLENGE (this means TEN or more books per trimester.  Some of the genres include mystery, fantasy, historical fiction, science fiction, realistic fiction.
    Trimester 2 - Informational reading and writing
    Genres include biography, informational text -various science, history, art, etc. topics
    Trimester 3 - Persuasive reading and writing
    Genres may include reviews, opinion, editorials.
    ***Throughout the year projects that incorporate these genres as well as other subjects will be required. Please monitor homework page to stay in touch with student requirements.

    Full STEAM Ahead!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     




    Physical Science (trimester 1)- includes Matter study using the new NGSS standards.  During the year special projects will be completed. A list of needed items for these projects will be sent home periodically.  The items are generally simple and in most cases inexpensive.  Thank you for supporting our learning.  Any donations are appreciated.                          

    History/Social Studies  
    U.S. Early History, Government, and the Constitution 
    TRIMESTER 1 - During the year, we will be STUDYING EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY INCLUDING NATIVE AMERICANS, EXPLORERS, AND COLONIES and the FIGHT for a new country.  In the first trimester, we'll look at U.S. geography and Native American Life.

    Math Expressions
    Students will begin their math study with fractions.  The students will observe the modeling of skills and then practice the skills in class.  They will be challenged to solve real world problems using a variety of math practices to deepen their understanding. Their homework will begin with reviewing previous skills and then begin to add new skills and strategies as we progress through the fifth grade curriculum.
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    WELCOME BACK!  I look forward to a terrific experience with this year's 5th graders. Please check-in with my website as well as the Principal's Weekly message to keep up-to-date with school and classroom activities.
    Packets of important forms were sent home today. Please return the Family Survey by Friday if possible.  District and school forms should be in by next Wednesday the 28th.  Please be on the look out for various forms in the first couple of weeks.
    Please Support Our P.T.A.- Please return the envelope that will be sent home the second week of school.  All staff appreciate the invaluable support/benefits it provides our school.
    Back to School Night is Wednesday, September 11th.  Mark your calendars and see you then.  More details to follow as well as information on the Chet F. Harritt website.
    Thank you parents for the many donations brought in today.  You are awesome!
  • ***CONTACT INFO.***

    Ms. Lampe
    Contact me at ramona.lampe@santeesd.net or (619) 258-4847
    Check calendar on side menu for upcoming events and activities.
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