Cathy A. Pierce, Ed.D. Superintendent Pierce's Message

August 2016

Welcome!  The Board of Education and I would like to welcome you to another year of learning.  Our work, our commitment, and our  dedication have prepared us to provide another year of high-quality learning in an outstanding environment for all of our students!  Our District’s distinguished reputation for educational excellence has set the stage for another year of unprecedented learning.  This year is destined to be our best year yet! 
Though a pioneering endeavor, Santee School District has changed when, where, what, and how students learn.  Every student in Santee School District has a device to empower their learning 24/7.  With each passing day, the complexity of student learning and the resources available to deepen those learning experiences are enhanced through the use of technology.  Technology certainly has changed our lives personally.  Now, it is changing the education of our students.

Enrollment continues to increase.  During the past three years, our enrollment has increased over 300 students, and this year our initial numbers indicate another increase.  Moreover, last year 1,240 students from outside the District attended one of our schools.  This is a 33% increase of students from outside of the District since 2012-13.  Preliminary numbers for the 2016-17 school year indicate we could surpass last year’s inter-district enrollment numbers.  These increases in enrollment indicate parents in surrounding areas hold Santee School District’s staff and educational program in high regard and want their children to receive the type of education we provide.  This is a compliment to each of you for the work you do with our students.

Just as enrollment continues to increase, so does our student achievement.  Last year’s SBAC results show an increase in the number of students scoring in the “Meets and Exceeds” category in both ELA and Mathematics.  Although unofficial at this point, our District wide ELA scores increased by 4.5% from 54% in 2015 to 58.5% in 2016.  Mathematics scores show a 6.6% increase from 43% in 2015 to 49.6% in 2016.  Official results are scheduled for release in September, but these numbers indicate growth in our students’ learning.  Again, the increase in performance is a direct reflection on the quality education and environment you provide to our students each day.

This new school year is truly an exciting time for learning!  We are thankful for our industrious students, dedicated staff, involved parents, and a supportive community creating the needed synergy to transform our students’ education.  Working together as collaborative partners, our students are destined for success.

Cathy A. Pierce, Ed.D.