• Supply List 2017-2018
    --one inch 3-ring binder (any color) with clear vinyl pockets on front and back covers (clear pockets are very important!)
    --four glue sticks-will be communal
    --one 2-pocket folder (color is not important)
     --16 or 24 count crayons (nothing larger, please)
    --backpack large enough to fit a folder (no "roller" backpacks, please!)
    I will provide a pencil box; however, students are also welcome to bring in their own, provided it is a typical plastic 8"x 5" box usually found for around $1 at most stores.  Color is not important.  Boxes smaller or larger will not meet our classroom needs and will be sent home.
    *UPDATED APRIL 2018!*    (Strike-throughs not needed at this time. :)
    Optional  items for classroom use:  Kleenex, baby wipes, small and large paper plates and bowls-no styrofoam, please, ziplock baggies (snack, sandwich, quart, gallon, 2-gallon), buttons (for craft projects), foam sticker shapes, white cotton balls, Sharpie markers (all sizes),  reams of white copy paper, plastic spoons and forks, Swiffer Duster refills (hand duster), clear plastic sheet protectors. If you choose to help with one of these items, choose 1 or 2.  It is not necessary to send in every item!!!!
    I will provide everything else your child needs for a successful school year.  Please do not send in additional items as space is limited!!  Items not listed will be sent home to be used for homework.