• Expectations for student use of the iPads from the District:
    1.  No pass codes.
    2.  iPad must stay in backpack while walking to and from class.
    3.  Do not put your lunch or a water bottle in your backpack while the iPad is in there.
    4.  Do not leave iPad unattended-anywhere, anytime!
    5.  Do not change any of the settings unless instructed by a teacher.
    6.  Do not overload storage by taking and keeping more pictures/videos than necessary.
    7.  Never take pictures of anyone's face.
    8.  Do not save anything to the homepage.
    9.  Do not connect to a computer.
    10. Read every pop up before you make a decision.  If a student or a parent is unsure about what to do, just click out of the app and ask the teacher when you get to school.
    Expectations from Mrs. Boulais:
    1. Red light:  iPads face down on desk.
    2. Yellow light:  Students must be working on the one, specific app that the teacher has instructed them to be on.  For example, "You will all be working
        on Achieve 3000 until I tell you to stop." Students may not work in any other app at that time, unless specified by the teacher.
    3. Green light:  Students may use more than one app or function that is related to the task assigned.  
    *No air dropping/messaging/emailing from student to student unless instructed by the teacher.
    *No commenting on Edmodo unless instructed by teacher.
    *No searching the internet for anything unrelated to what you are doing in class.
    If a students chooses not to follow these expectations, here are the consequences:
    Step 1:  Warning
    Step 2:  Teacher guided access for 2 days
    Step 3:  Restriction from certain apps or internet access as teacher sees fit - a parent will be contacted on this step.
    Step 4:  Office 
    ***These steps count as regular steps for Rio Seco's school wide Step System*** 
    iPad Reminders:
    What do I do if my iPad freezes or something is not working?

                                 1. Swipe out of the app and try again.

                                 2.  Restart your iPad.

                                 3.  If none of the above work, THEN tell Mrs. Boulais

    *Charge your iPad every night - You may not charge it in class.
    *Keep iPad in your backpack while walking to and from school and walking between classes
    *No air dropping or emailing without teacher permission 
Last Modified on December 11, 2017