• Family Life
    Family life is taught using the Santee School District Curriculum. You may view the curriculum at the district office. 
    Here are the lesson topics that will be taught:

       Lesson 1: Physical Growth / Puberty

       Lesson 2: Human Reproductive System

       Lesson 3: Prenatal Development

       Lesson 4: Birth

       Lesson 5: Conception Control

       Lesson 6: Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    Lessons may take several days to complete.  
    All students must abide by the following ground rules...
    •Everyone has the right to pass on activities or on answering questions.
    •All points of view are worthy of being discussed.  No being disrespectful to other’s views.
    •No question is dumb. Questions indicate a desire for knowledge, they do not tell anything personal about the person asking them.
    •Always use correct terminology when referring to anatomy.
    •No asking personal questions of the teacher or classmates.
    •No talking about class members’ comments outside of class.
    •The teacher will respect students’ confidentiality except where required by law to disclose the information (in cases of abuse).
    •Students should always speak for themselves.
    •If there is a complaint about the class, come directly to the instructor to discuss the complaint.
    •Students are encouraged to discuss the curriculum and issues with their parents, and should always give an accurate accounting of what happens in class.
     Students will be viewing the following videos:
    The Miracle of Life - about fetal development and pregnancy
    I will not be teaching morals during this class. I will leave that up to the families to teach. I will be teaching facts to help students make wise decisions regarding their life. The classroom environment will be a safe-zone. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact me 

Last Modified on August 20, 2017