• Achieve 3000   Welcome to our online reading program in the Santee School District!
    **See below for Achieve 3000 technical updates using the iPad!!!
    A:  Click the following video links to learn about this program:
                Grades. kinder- gr. 5  http://doc.achieve3000.com/video/5StepRoutine/students_kbCC.html
                Grades   6-8             http://doc.achieve3000.com/video/5StepRoutine/students_tbCC.html
    B: Your user name and password is the same as for DreamBox.  Exceptions:13 students have been given an additional decimal and number following their user name used with DreamBox. You will be advised for the correct user name. The password is the same. Log into Achieve 3000.  Achieve Log In:  www.achieve3000.com    and click at the top right the " User Login" 
    (Do Not Use the iPad app for the pre-test, click "Safari"and log in) All other grades use Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox, log in:  Achieve Log In: www.achieve3000.com  . Take the pre-test. Once you have taken the pre-test you can continue to choose the 2 articles per week of your choice. Just click, "search" and put in your idea of the kind of article you would like. All the articles you choose will now be on the student's lexile level. 
    C. Week 5, (you now can use Achieve 3000 app for gr. 3-5 on the iPad) (All other grades use a browser) Read 3 articles, Use all 5 steps below:
    D: Week 6, Read 2 articles, Use all 5 steps below:
    E: Week 7: Read 2 articles, Use all 5 steps below:
    F: Week 8: Read  2 articles, Use all 5 steps below: 
    G: Week 9-13 same as above...
    5 steps  
     iPad Updates using Achieve 3000....

    Over the past couple weeks some of you, and your students, have patiently worked through technical issues related to Achieve 3000.  We have spent many hours with the program’s technical support team and have identified the potential cause.  

     Achieve is recognizing there are issues between Safari and the new iOS9 update.  These issues are not related to our technology or infrastructure.  As they work on the best solution,  we are recommending, for those of you have experienced issues through Safari, to have the students use the app instead. 

     The app has fewer function capabilities than the full web version, however, students will still be able to complete a lesson using the app.  The functions unavailable through the app include:

    • No highlighting feature
    • No audio feature
    • These lessons are not supported by the app:
      • bonus lessons
      • fluency (read aloud) lessons and 
      • article only lessons in the "Just for Me" category 

     Positives we are seeing in the using the app include better screen visibility, students will not need to put their credentials in every time they log into the program, and students can continue using the program through the app without Internet connection.  

     When we learn that Achieve 3000 has found a solution for the Safari browser, we will let you know.  If you have not been experiencing these issues in your classroom, you are are welcome to use the full functionality of the full website version through Safari.  Clearing the cache in the Safari history has worked for many users. 

    Thank you for your patience, Mrs. Patricia Noujaim
Last Modified on October 23, 2015