• 25 Things You Did Not Know About Me!
    1) When I was little I wanted to be  a veterinarian when I grew up...or a horse! Hmmm...I am neither, but completely happy anyway.
    2) I love my job! :) I started teaching in September of 1993.  You do the math!
    3) The Cowboys, starring John Wayne, is one of my all time favorite movies.  The Duke and a cattle drive, who could ask for more?
    4) I practice "random acts of kindness". Brightening someone's day just brings a little bit of sunshine into my world, making it a better place.
    5) It is true what they say, a woman can never have enough shoes! Just ask my family.
    6) I spent my childhood on a small horse ranch.  I started riding horses when I was 3. Sadly, I do not currently own a horse, but will again some day.
    7)  Music wise, I like every thing from hard rock to country, from '80's new wave to classical, from blues to reggae. If it has a good beat and cool lyrics, I'm in! My favorite bands are Depeche Mode and Breaking Benjamin.   Breaking Benjamin did a cover of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy the Silence"...one song done by BOTH of my favorite bands!  How cool is that?!
    8) Chocolate....mmmmmmmmmmmm :):):)  Chocolate and caramel and nuts? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!
    9) I read CONSTANTLY!  Getting lost in a good, satisfying story is my favorite "brain break".
    10) I am a "pet parent" to two furry "sons"-Spike the FAT orange tabby cat and Hondo the Plott hound- as well as one furry "daughter"-Henepin the yellow lab mix.
    11) Green and purple are my favorite colors.
    12) I collect interesting old rusty stuff to hang on the walls as art in my house. 
    13)  GO BIG RED!!!!!  University of Nebraska Cornhuskers...5 time NCAA, Division 1 football national champions, babee!
    14) I love peanut butter, I like jelly, but I HATE PB&J sandwiches...go figure!

    15)  Sea food... Bleagh!  :(  The smell alone is enough to make me gag!  Which means Sushi is totally out of the question.

    16) My favorite place to go when I was a kid was the Natural History Museum in Balboa Park. I am such a nerd, and proud of it!

    17) I went to school dressed as a skunk for Halloween in 7th grade. Yep...a skunk, complete with a large stand up tail, black and white painted face, and a boquet of fake daisies. I was teased mercilessly, but owned it all day! Nobody else rocked a skunk like I rocked a skunk!

    18) I cried at the end of "Toy Story 3" when Andy gave his toys to the little girl and taught her how to play with them...and my family and friends laughed at me for it! Seriously, many movies make me cry because I get so engaged with the story being told.  My family never fails to ask, "Are you crying...again?!"  YEP!

    19) Themed ABC picture books ROCK! Some letters have more than one word and some letters don't have a word at all, but still need a page. The creativity of the authors in regards to the difficult letters inspires me to think "outside the box".

    20) I earned my bachelor's degree in Sociology at UCSD, Revelle college.  I earned my teaching credential at USIU, now Alliant International University.  I earned my Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Concordia University, Portland.  Wow, that means I spent 19 years of my life in school learning. 

    21) Ice cream is the perfect food. My favorite is a vanilla base with lots of stuff, like nuts, cake or candy pieces, caramel swirls, etc. Load it up in a big waffle cone and stand back!

    22) I have a system for eating doublestuff Oreo cookies: I take the top off 2 cookies, eat the tops, then stack the filling sides together (quadruple stuff!) and eat the new cookie. I usually only eat 2 Oreos, because eating 4 is making a pig of myself and I can't have just one!

    23) I watch The Walking Dead every Sunday and NCIS every Tuesday. 
    24) I can recite from memory the first and last page of Stand Back Said the Elephant.  This is my ALL time favorite picture book. My big sister taught me to read using this book when I was 3. She made up voices for all of the characters that I still hear in my head when I am reading or reciting it.
     25) When I'm feeling down, I skip! It is impossible to skip and NOT smile. I Swear! Try it...