• Homework

    I prefer for students to do most of their work in-class where my supervision and guidance are available should it be needed. Our main curriculum will be supported by independent IN CLASS work time. Your student will have sufficient time to complete assignments at school if they are on task. Additionally, students may work on unfinished work during any free class time they may earn, after completing other assignments.

    I typically assign a page of math homework Monday-Thursday for independent practice.  If students have questions after working through a problem, they are encouraged to circle the problem in their math workbooks and write the problem number(s) on the board in the morning so I can help them.

    Students are encouraged to read at least 20 minutes each night and are welcome to do additional independent math and reading practice on Dream Box and Achieve 3000. Other homework may include class projects, writing final drafts, or other unfinished assignments.

    If your child doesn’t finish their “homework” in an hour’s time, please let me know so we can make arrangements.  I believe your evenings should be spent as a family.  I know we are all very busy with sports, scouts, music lessons, etc. and I don’t want schoolwork to become an issue at home.