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    August-September *Sometimes, you'll be able to work ahead. Do so whenever you can. Only homework will be written here. See the planner to see other study topics.







    8/20-24       First Day- no homeowrk  Finish the All About Me Gazette  
    8/27-31  Mathematics- Homework and Remembering, Vol. 1, p, 27, odds.

    Mathematics- Homework and Remembering, Vol. 1, p, 29, 1-5, and 6-24 -evens.

    History- may research 13 original Colonies for table signs.

    Mathematics- Homework and Remembering, p. 31, 1-23: odds, 25, 26, 27.

    History- may research Colony for table signs.

    Mathematics- p. 33, evens. Remember to all forms signed, including electronic ones.
    9/3-7  No School, Labor Day  Mathematics- Draw lines to make four quadrants on your paper. Using the same number of your choice, write the numeral, word form, expanded form, and expanded notation (one in each quadrant). This is like another number set for a spoons game.

    Mathematics- p. 35, odds.

    Reading- Use Spelling City to practice your root words. (This is  short week. The test is the day after tomorrow.)

    Science- We need an empty, clean, 2-liter plastic soda bottle and two un-inflated balloons.

    Mathematics- in text workbook (rectangular spine) p. 45.

    Reading- Use Spelling City to practice your root words. The test is tomorrow.


    Mathematics- Finish 2 Think Central assignments: compare, equate decimals, with models and number forms, decimals. Complete any enrichment assigned.

    (THink Central link on links page)

    Mathematics- Think Central, L 2.4 (+, - decimals and convert metric). Mathematics- in rectangle spine book: p. 48, #24, 25, 26. Show your work! Mathematics- Homework and Remembering, p. 37, odds. History- Complete one practice picture for a person, place, or thing that will go on your table sign.
     9/17-21 Mathematics- Finish 2.5 and 2.6 Online, Personal Math Trainer in Think Central. Mathematics- Finish Think Central 2.8

    Mathematics- Finish Think Central 2.9.

    Remember to bring headphones or earbuds.

    Mathematics- Think Central 2.7.