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    Hill Creek Middle School Physical Education Program



    • Students MUST dress out in their P.E. clothes daily (details below).
    • Students MUST participate in all activities:  walking, jogging, physical conditioning, team sports, and classroom activities.
    • If a student has minor injuries or had an illness and there are certain activities he/she cannot perform, please have a note from parent or doctor.  The note must specify the date and reason for non-participation.This will excuse a student from doing certain physical activity (up to 3 calendar days without a doctor’s excuse)  Except for major injuries (broken arm, leg, doctor’s excuse, etc.)
    • Learn the rules and basic skills of each sport and activity.
    • Students will follow the school expectations of BE KIND, BE RESPONSIBLE, BE SAFE during PE in locker room, on the field, and in the classroom.



    • Although it is recommended that students purchase a uniform from Al’s Sport Shop (information below), it is REQUIRED that students wear a gray or white t-shirt and black athletic shorts or pants.

    Al’s Sport Shop
    9250 Mission Gorge Rd                      Shirt: Gray Hill Creek shirt
    Santee, CA 92071                              Shorts: Black Hill Creek shorts

    • Dress code will be enforced for PE. This includes shorts being at least between the mid-thigh and knee in length. Athletic shoes must be worn. Uniforms from previous schools are acceptable.
    • Clothes should be taken home at the end of every week and washed.
    • Dangling jewelry, boots, hard shoes, sandals, or cleats may not be worn.



    • Students will be issued a school lock and locker.
    • Keep locker secured at all times!!!  Anything lost or stolen is your responsibility.
    • Please store all backpacks & electronics in the lockers when out at PE. 



    Grades will be weighted according to the following categories and percentages:

    • PE Uniform: 1/3 of Final Grade (50 points per week)
      • Students will be responsible for dressing out daily to receive credit.
    • Mile: 1/3 of Final Grade (50 pts per mile)
      • In a typical week, students will be required to complete 1 mile around our track. The miles are timed and students will need to finish under the time for full credit.  
    • Participation: 1/3 of Final Grade (50 pts per week)
      • Students are expected to fully participate in all sports and fitness activities.

    *** For the safety and privacy of all students, cell phones MUST BE put away at all times during PE. This includes time in the locker rooms ad during physical activity.