• Performing Arts Grading Criteria


    *Gets into performance order quickly and quietly

    *Walks in line quietly and calmly

    *Follows directions (staying in your zone, not talking  
    during direction from Mrs. Boulais or during run throughs)

    *Teamwork (getting along with group, problem solving,
     being respectful/supportive/positive with each other)


    *Memorizing lines according to script

    *Applying direction from Mrs. Boulais into scenes/songs

    *Learning choreography

    *Speaking loudly and clearly while rehearsing scene/song

    *Performing with enthusiasm/smiling on stage

    You may read from the script.
    You will need to say a few lines from a scene that your character is in and sing a little bit of a song that your character sings (if they sing a song). 
    Success Criteria for Auditions:
    Speak loudly and clearly
    Speak with animation, emotion and enthusiasm
    Use body movement/gestures
    Have confidence/smile
    Have fun 
Last Modified on April 23, 2018