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    You are about to embark upon a journey through time and space.  As you get ready to start, you must complete the first entry in your  journal.  Follow the directions your teacher gives you, or use the directions below before going on.


    Use the navigation panel to the left to navigate (go from place to place on the computer) as you complete the lessons.  If your teacher has had you write your first journal entry, you are ready to proceed.  Next, you will take a pretest in class or on the web.  



    Journal Entry


    In the margin of your journal page, write today's date.  Include the words below which are in quotes as a title for your journal entry.



    Cave "Cave Man"


    In your journal write a detailed description of the picture that came to your mind when you read the words in quotes.


    Most people have definite ideas about what a cave man is.  In your journal, describe every aspect of a cave man.  Include physical, mental, and social aspects.  You should include a sketch at the end of your essay. 





    When your preliminary journal entry is complete, you are ready to proceed.  Your teacher will tell you whether to take the pretest in class or online.Cress'Conquerors, take your pretest here. Your ID is your classroom number.


    After your pretest, click on activities and get ready for your web journey.