bn 7th Grade Language Arts
    The "Language Arts" are four, closely related communication skills.  You might know them better as Reading (fluency and comprehension), Writing (grammar, conventions, ideas on "paper"), Listening (not just hearing white noise), and Speaking (clear, concise, out loud communication).  Each day, my students will practice these skills with the goal of becoming better at them than they were when they walked into my classroom at the beginning of the school year.  I strive to create writers, NOT a piece of writing; to create engaged readers, NOT word skimmers; to create speakers, NOT mumblers; to create engaged listeners, NOT just hearers.  A daunting task, yes, but a worthy one, methinks!
     **Regardless of having a specific assignment to do at home or not, I highly encourage you to read something every night.  It doesn't have to be a book! You can read a magazine article, visit a news website to read about a current event, visit a website to learn more about something you are interested in, the manual to a video game or anything else.  The point is...words are everywhere!  Pay attention!  Read them and if you do not understand, look it up!   

    1) Complete weekly A3000 articles by the end of the trimester.  Look for them in your A3000 mailbox! Every Monday you will have 25 minutes in class to complete A3000 articles.  This is time to complete at least one article. You will be given a procedure to help you score 75%+ on the activity.

    • 2/28: "Climbing Mt. Tai" & "Let's Make a Deal" (challenge lesson)
    • 3/5: "Helping a Poet Shine" & " Clean Enough to Drink"
    • 3/12: "Goodall's Work Continues" & "A Castle Rises, Slowly"
    • 3/19: "Plodding Through Powder" & "The Feeling is Mutual" (challlenge lesson)
    • 4/9: "Flies Bugging Bees?" & "Bees: Don't Buzz off!"
    • 4/16: "Why We Love Shakespeare" & "Theater by Candlelight" (challenge lesson)
    • 4/23: "Puplight Just Right" & "Great Ideas Made Easy"
    • 4/30: "Nature's Children" & "For the Love of LEGOs" & "A Visit to LEGO House"
    • 5/7: no new articles due to SBAC testing
    • 5/14: "Gardens Above the City" & "A Young YouTube Star" & "A Language of Learning"
    2)  Complete weekly NRI practice assignments (No Red Ink-a digital grammar program) assignments.  You have one week to finish for full credit; all trimester for partial credit.  Time is given in class, but completing all of the lessons in the assignment may have to be done at home. Remember, you  are done when the program says you are! Strive to reach mastery on each lesson in the assignment (a score of 10!).  
    • 2/20: intros & transitions in essays
    • 3/5: intros & transitions & claims,evidence,resoning in essays #2
    • 3/12: QUIZ! no new practice assignments: Practice assignment added due to EPIC FAIL of quiz! Intros, transitions CER #3
    • 3/19: GROWTH QUIZ! no new practice assignments.
    • 4/9: Commas: lists, w/adjectives. w/THAMOS
    • 4/16: Commas: lists, w/adjectives, w/SWABIs, w/dates&titles
    • 4/23: Commas QUIZ. No new practice assignments. Catch-up week.
    • 4/30: Commas review & Parallel structure & Pronouns
    • 5/7: no new practice assignments due to SBAC testing
    • 5/14: Commas review
    • 5/21: QUIZ! 
     ***You have until 
    05/30/18  to complete your A3000 assignments and NRI assignments for the trimester***
    3) Complete any unfinished classwork from the day or due to absence.  
    Final academic grade is determined by total points earned for the trimester in the PRODUCT category shown in Powerschool. Final effort grade is determined by total points in the PRACTICE category as shown on Powerschool. I do not award + or - grades with the exception of an A+ for earning 100% total points without extra credit. Your academic grade will be determined by your success in each of these areas: A3000 activities, NRI quizes, Amplify assignments (solos & LQs), writing (LQs and stories/essays). Every assignment is worth 10 points and the final grade in both categories is determined by the percentage of total points earned for the trimester: 100%=A+; 99-90%=A; 89-80%=B; 79-70%=C; 69-60%=D; 59% and lower=F. 
    Points are awarded as follows:
    Your PRODUCT A3000 grade is your activity average +1 (90's=10, 80's=9, 70's=8, 60's=7, 50's=6, 40's=5) for the trimester if you completed 1/2 or more of the assigned articles OR activity average only if less than 1/2 of assigned articles are completed for the trimester.
    Your PRACTICE A3000 grade is your effort in completing assigned articles for the trimester: T1=14 articles, T2=20 articles, T3= 20 articles. Complete ALL assigned articles for 10/10 effort score. Complete 1/2 assigned articles for 7/10 effort score. Complete less than 1/2 assigned articles for 5/10 effort score.
    **One citizenship point per article less than 10 completed will be deducted for not being on task in class and/or not completing your homework.
    • Complete  5-10 additional articles of your choosing: +1 PRACTICE point 
    • score 75%+ on 10 or more of the assigned articles: +1 PRACTICE point 
    • scoring 100% on five or more of the assigned articles: +1 PRODUCT point  
    • lexile growth of 1+ point for the trimester: +1 PRODUCT point 
    A3000 LEXILES (reading level) for 7th grade:
    Far Below Grade Level: 625 and lower 
    Approaches Grade Level: 630-965 
    **Meet Grade Level: 970-1120**strive to be here by the end of your 7th grade year!
    Exceeds Grade Level (College & Career Ready)1125-1600
    NRI and GK (NoRedInk & Grammar Keepers): 
    Your PRACTICE NRI/GK grade is your practice assignment average (90's=9, 80's=8, 70's=7, 60's=6, 50's=5, 40's=4) for the trimester.  Practice assignments not completed, or even started, will bring your average down, so do your practice! One point will be deducted for 3+ late submissions.  
    Your PRODUCT NRI/GK grade is individual quiz scores. Quizes will be completed in class and each counts towards your overall grade for the trimester (usually 2-4 per trimester).
    Solos are multiple choice questions answered after a reading passage. These assignments are scored internally on the Amplify program.  LQ's (literature questions) related to the current text are graded on a ten  point scale. Students have grading criteria and sentence formating help in their 3-ring binders for reference while answering LQs.
    Writing assignments that are not LQ will be graded using the attached rubric with the exception of district writing performance tasks which will scored using the district provided rubric.
    LQ (Literature Questions) is a daily writing assignment as follows: editing practice with explanation (every Monday), Thought Question from A3000 articles (every Tuesday), text based questions (Wednesday and Thursday), journal response (every Friday). Formatting and scoring are outlined in the attached document. Students were given a copy of this document for reference. Assignment can be gound on Google Classroom.
    There are only 2 ways to earn the 7 point maximum EC in ELA: 
    1) Earn your A3000 bonus points (see above)
    2) Present a picture book to your class on a Friday or to a primary class in the library for 5 EC points. Ask to be given a date if you want to do this. You can do ONE per trimester for EC, but can do others for the joy of it! 
    Extra Credit will only raise your grade one full letter grade (10 percentage points max).  EC cannot be used to raise a B to an A.  A3000 bonus points will be put in first, then other EC points will be entered until the 10 percentage point max is reached. EC points will be entered at the end of the trimester for final grade.
    • Amplify ELA web based ELA program
    • Achieve 3000 web based nonfiction reading passages (2/wk)
    • No Red Ink (NRI) web based grammar and conventions practice
    YOUR Time (MWF): 
    YOUR time is...your time to read whatever you want (I will not control it!) without being graded on anything! Whoo-Hoo!!! There are, however, some rules to follow so YOUR time runs effectively and efficiently:
    1) You are reading during YOUR time, not socializing in any way.
    2) You may read any type of school appropriate book (novel, graphic, etc.), a school appropriate magazine, a personal ereader that is not connected to the internet.  
    3) Your school iPad is in your backpack
    4) You spend no more than 10 YOUR time minutes once a week on a classroom library quest for a new book.
    5) BOOK BUZZ!! After YOUR time, we will BUZZ about our books! If you want to BUZZ follow this procedure:
    • stand up
    • state title, author, and show cover  (ex: "I'm reading Harry Potter #1, by JK Rowling.")
    • share an interesting sentence, or a cool simile or metaphor, or an excellent new word with its definition as used in the book, OR read  a short passage  (2 paragraph max) that caught your attention, etc.  Be ready to explain WHY you chose to share what you did without prompting from me!