• Sixth Grade Camp

     Cuyamaca Outdoor School
    2017-2018 School Year Dates are January 22-26 
     cost is  about $345.00 
    Cuyamaca Outdoor School
    12561 Highway 79
    Descanso, CA 91916
    You can make payments or pay in full with a check, cash, or PayPal 
    Take a tour of Camp Cuyamaca!
    Use the address above to send a letter to your child while we're there.  Be sure to get it in the mail the Saturday before we leave or that Monday so it arrives before Friday morning.  Parents may NOT attend camp with their student.  The camp is fully staffed with instructors, a principal, RNs, overnight staff, cafeteria staff, and the 6th grade teachers from Rio Seco. 

    Sixth Grade camp is not a camping trip, nor a "summer camp" in a different time of the year.   It can be thought of as an outdoor school, where the classroom is in a field, on a rock formation, or in a grove of old cedar trees.  The  current sixth grade state standards for life science and earth science are covered.  Students keep a journal, but no homework is assigned!

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    Lost your forms?  Use the above link and print out health forms.



    Are you ready to go?

    The white medical form must be turned in with medication on or before the morning we leave.  It must be signed by a doctor.  If you have any questions,  contact the health office at school, Karen Keyes (619) 956-5504.