• PRIDE Academy Parental Involvement Policy

    Parental involvement at PRIDE Academy is of the utmost importance. It is our belief that it is an essential component in making our school a success. Parents contribute to a positive school environment by first understanding what a Title I school is. Our parental involvement policy is developed through our School Site Plan. Annually this plan is discussed and revised.  The policy is reviewed by our School Site Council, ELAC Committee and PTA, which is made up of parents, teachers, and staff. In the beginning of the year, letters are sent home with students describing our Title I program and other non-Title 1 programs.

    PRIDE Academy ensures that the Parental Involvement Policy is carried out throughout the year. Through the School Site Council and English Learner Acquisition Committee, the school meets annually with parents to review the Site Plan and the Parental Involvement Policy making adjustments to the policy as needed.

    Assorted monthly meetings throughout the year allows for all parents who are interested in school programs to be a part of the decision-making at PRIDE Academy. The following are ways in which parents may become actively involved in the Title I Program:

      School Site Council


      English Language Acquisition Committee

      Parent Education meetings

      Title I Parent Meetings

      Common Core Parent Meetings

      Back to School Nights

      Open House

      PTA Family Nights


      Parent Messenger Phone messages

      Parent Messenger Emails

      School and Teacher Web sites

    Through the above meetings and notices sent home, parents are provided with an explanation of the curriculum, assessments, and proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Through parent-teacher conferences, phone calls home, written communication as well as e-mail, parents are provided with opportunities to participate in decisions relating to the education of their children. The Parental Involvement policy is periodically updated to meet the changing needs of the parents and the school.