Student Supplies List  

    Every child is different, so I’m leaving it up to families to decide how many pencils, highlighters, and pens their child will need to last the school year.  Feel free to email me if you have any questions or need suggestions.





    Enough to last the school year. I suggest at least a dozen, if not two.


    At least 2 different colors

    Headphones (for curriculum and testing purposes only)

    1 pair


    Enough to last the school year.

    Spiral-bound college ruled notebook

    1 100 page notebook



    *½ inch 3-ring binder OR 2-pocket plastic folders

    1 binder OR 2 plastic folders

    * Tab dividers will be needed only if you are choosing the binder option.

    1 package (you will only need 3-4 tab dividers, but I don’t believe they sell them in this quantity)

    Colored pencils

    1 box