• Click here:  Captions Assignment
    Fill out the "5 W's" and "How" using the Notability app.  Write the final caption in the space below the "How" section and email as a PDF to alicen.boulais@santeesd.net.
    Due Thursday, 2/15
    Download this assignment to Notability and follow the directions.  You may work with your table group, but each person needs to turn in the assignment for individual credit.
    Due Friday, 2/16 by the end of class
    Yearbook class information: 
    Requirements for yearbook pages:
    *Must use clear photos that show people's faces.
    *Must include names of everyone in all pictures (First name, Last initial) unless a big group photo.
    *Must include at least 5 quotes or interview questions from students labeled with names. 
    *Must edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc...
    *Must show effort and creativity. 
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