• A Little About Me

     Meet the teacher

    Hello! My name is Susan Goro and I am the 2nd grade teacher in room 6. Feel free to introduce yourself if I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet. I would love to meet more of the wonderful families in our Hill Creek community!

    I am a San Diego State University Alumni, and received both my Bachelor’s degree and teaching credential from my alma mater. 
    My hobbies include: reading, photography, going to sporting events, baking, playing volleyball, watching movies, and going to the beach.
    Some of my favorites:
    • Colors - Magenta and Turquoise 
    • Stores - Amazon & Target
    • Drinks - coffee (hot or iced, as long as it's sweet) & almost any Jamba Juice smoothie 
    • Sweet treats - Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, chocolate chip cookies, and anything with dark chocolate :)
    • Flowers - Love them all!
    • Sports Team - Padres, and currently looking for a new football team to support (-_-)


    As team members of this classroom, we will support, inspire, and encourage each other to succeed. My goal is to teach with purpose, challenge students to surpass their goals, and provide opportunities for innovative learning. I am excited to see what our Hollywood Superstars will accomplish this year!