Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!  The first day of school is one of my very favorite days every year.   I love to see our students’ faces and to hear all about their summer adventures.  I hope that everyone has enjoyed a positive summer of fun and family time. 


    The start of each year is also a startling reminder of how quickly time flies. I moved to California in 2008 and it is remarkable that 10 years have passed in what seems to be only the blink of an eye.   My twins were entering Kindergarten when we arrived and now Paige and Chloe are entering 10th  grade (yikes!).  Olivia was still in diapers and now she is heading to 7th grade middle school.  I encourage you to cherish every moment you can with your children.  They grow too quickly!


    A new year represents an opportunity to reset, refocus, and set new goals. A new teacher, a new grade, and a new school year all represent wonderful challenges and opportunities for improvement.  We reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  We set new goals and reach for new heights.   A new year represents a blank page and I encourage everyone to search out challenges that allow them the greatest opportunity to grow, to struggle and persevere in a healthy and productive manner.


    We have been busy around campus this summer.  You will see some physical improvements and I hope you like them. We are also busy evaluating programs, learning new instructional techniques, developing new programs and looking for ways to improve the educational experience for all of our students.  Improvement and growth are essential elements of what we do at Carlton Oaks and in the Santee School District.   I am excited for you to see what we have planned for this year!


    I look forward to seeing you around campus and hope to see you often.  I remain available at Andrew.johnston@santeesd.net should you have any questions, concerns or comments.  Working together we will continue to provide the excellent educational experience our children deserve and you have come to expect.  Best wishes for a wonderful school year! 


    Andy Johnston, Principal

    Carlton Oaks School