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     Each student needs:

    •  Two - two pocket type folders.  One more writing and one for unfinished classwork.   Please write your student's name clearly on the outside. 
    • a backpack to take to school each day and home after school each day. 
    • crayons (no more than 24 count please) or colored pencils (please not huge boxes 8 to 16 is plenty). They do not need both, just whichever your student prefers. 


     Not necessary but helpful:


    •  Standard size magazine box ( I will provide one for each student that is cardboard and white however they are not very sturdy and usually need replaced or taped up a couple months in.) These should not be too big or heavy because the students carry them around with them around the room. 
    • SOFT pencil pouch (please not pencil boxes). 

     Classroom donations are very appreciated:





    • Headphones (preferably over the head but earbuds will do)
      Printer paper
      Pre sharpened pencils
      Whiteboard markers
      Glue stick
      Zip loc bags