• Independent Reading: 
    Each trimester you must complete  400 pages of independent reading. You need to complete a book analysis or project as evidence of reading the novel. Click on the links below to take you to your different options.
    Achieve 3000:
    You must complete 20 articles per trimester with a 75% or better. Make sure that you keep up on the articles by completing 1-2 per week. Each article is worth 10 points---- that is 200 points in the grade book a the end of the trimester!  We will be doing at least one in class every Friday, that equates to about half on your own time.
    - Thought question done at least on 10
    - Make sure that you are doing at least 3 reading connections throughout the entire reading each time.
    -Close read the article to help you achieve a 75% or better the first time around.