• Hill Creek Junior High
    Physical Education Program



    *      Dress out in P.E. clothes daily.

    *       Participate in all activities:  walking, jogging, physical conditioning, team sports, and classroom activities.

    *       Learn the rules and basic skills of each sport and activity.

    *       Behave properly in locker room, field, and class.

    *       Students will be required to lead exercises.



    *      Although it is recommended that students purchase a uniform (gray Hill Creek shirt and black athletic shorts from Al’s Sport Shop), it is REQUIRED that students wear a gray t-shirt and black athletic shorts. Dress code will be enforced and shorts used for P.E. must be at least between the mid-thigh and knee in length. Athletic shoes must be worn. All uniform shirts will be labeled with last names.

    *      Clothes should be taken home at the end of every week and washed.

    *      Dangling jewelry, boots, hard shoes, and cleats may not be worn during P.E.



    1.   Students will be issued a school lock and locker.

    2.   Keep locker secured at all times!!!  Anything lost or stolen is your responsibility.



    1.   Students must dress out daily in their P.E uniform (black shorts, gray shirt) to get credit. 

    2.   If a student has minor injuries or had an illness and there are certain activities he/she cannot perform, please have a note from parent or doctor.  The note must specify the date and reason for non-participation.  This will excuse a student from doing certain physical activity (up to 3 calendar days without a doctor’s excuse)  Except for major injuries (broken arm, leg, doctor’s excuse, etc.)

    3.   Students may not  borrow friends’ P.E. clothes. 

    4.   Students may wear a sweat outfit over their P.E clothes.

    5.   Students may not leave P.E. area until dismissed.



    Grades will be weighted according to the following categories and percents.


    PE Uniform: 1/3 of Final Grade (50 points per week)
    Students will be responsible for dressing out daily.  The uniform consists of black shorts and a tee shirt.  Uniforms from previous schools will be accepted.  Sweatpants and sweatshirts are acceptable as long as the items adhere to the school dress code policy.  After 3 nonsuits parents will be notified.


    Mile:  1/3 of Final Grade (50 pts per mile)

    In a typical week, students will be required to complete 1 mile around our track. The miles may be timed and students will need to finish under the time for credit.  

    Participation:  1/3 of Final Grade (50 pts per week)

    Students are expected to fully participate in all sports and fitness activities.


    At the end of each grading period, points will be averaged in each category and then combined according to percentage value.  The final percentage will be assigned a letter grade according to the scale below.