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    Homework Philosophy
    Each day, your student completes rigorous, individualized, small group work in order to make progress on their goals.
    Because of the challenging work, we don't always have time for fun and free book reading time.
    I encourage all students to read  at home and track them on a reading log.  
    Reading at home can look like:
    -Reading by themselves or making up stories based on the pictures
    -Reading to a sibling or having a sibling read to them
    -Reading with parents or other adults  
    -Reading all kinds of material:
    {Magazines, Newspapers, Comic Books, Ads, Announcements, Letters, Cards, if it's reading... it counts!} 
    As students bring turn in their book log, we will track and celebrate our total books/materials read in the classroom.
    You can find the reading Log here: Reading Log 
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         READING activities for home:     
    *reading signs in the community (environmental print)
    *putting closed captions up on the TV (in any language!)
    *having your student label items in the house 
    *keeping drawing/writing journals, diaries, etc. 
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            MATH activities for home:       
    *counting out money
    *adding purchases up at the store
    *measuring items at home
    *finding shapes in at your house and around the home
    *completing fun workbooks 
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    If students bring their iPads home, they are able to spend time on various apps that will help their progress in the classroom.  
    Their sign in credentials will be sent home within the first couple of weeks.   
    These include:
    -Kids A-Z