• 7th Grade Math Syllabus

    Mrs. Bryant



    Room 105

    Classroom/ Teacher Objective:

    For each child to improve, feel positively, and maintain/earn a growth mindset about mathematical concepts.  A desire to master the 7th grade Common Core Content Standards is the ultimate goal.


    Materials: (Please have these supplies no later than August 29th, 2016. Points will be deducted if supplies are not in class that day).

    *One large Spiral bound college ruled notebook for Math ONLY will be provided. If you prefer your own, this is also okay.   Please do not mix with other subject areas.



    *blue correcting pen


    ****If any of these items are a financial burden, please contact me as I have a few supplies to help offset these costs. First come first served*****



    Your child will be learning from the College Preparatory Math curriculum. Each chapter will take approximately 3 weeks to complete. They will have content that they will be responsible for learning each day. Every day is important in math class.


    Google Classroom:

    This class will have the opportunity to pilot Google Classroom! This an outstanding digital opportunity for the students as it will soon be incorporated all over the district and our students will get the chance to gain a good understanding of it before others! Please stay updated for more information regarding this new online classroom community.



    It is very important to maintain positive behavior choices for success in my classroom. I follow the Pepper Drive Middle School STEP system. Please refer to the back of the STEP card for information regarding this behavior system. In the classroom setting, I will give the students one warning before I give them a STEP.  They will be asked to placed their STEP card on their desk when they get a warning. I will record warnings in my classroom and if your child is give 3 warnings in a week, I will contact home via email or phone call to discuss your child’s behavior choices to seek improvement and for active home communication.



    Your child will receive homework each night in math. There will be times where we may skip homework, but it will be very rare. Students will have the opportunity to complete math homework in class each day if they stay on task. If you would like to keep up on the homework your child will complete each chapter, please keep yourself updated on my website. I list my plans for each chapter on my website.



    I offer tutoring each Thursday after school from 2:45-4:00 pm. Please take advantage of this time if you are struggling. Please sign the attached permission slip to allow your child to stay after school with me for review.  Tutoring will begin on September 8th, 2016.



    Homework Quiz- To reward the students who are consistently on task and completing their homework, I will randomly collect and correct some homework assignments and use it as a quiz grade. This will emphasize the importance of staying on task in class, understanding the concepts prior to the exam, and maintaining responsibility. (10 pts)


    Content Quiz- Your child will have a content quiz randomly throughout the school year to ensure understanding of important concepts. It is up to your child to write in their planner the date of the quiz and to study.  (10 pts)


    Chapter Tests:

    Team Test: Your child will have the period to work together with their group to understand the concepts from the chapter. It will be up to the students to get help from each other and I will not help at the time they take the test. That day, they will turn in this assessment and I will give them the opportunity to go over any of the concepts with me that they didn’t understand after turning in. (20 pts)


    Individual Test:  Your child will take an individual assessment on their own.  (40 pts)


    Test Make-Ups: Your child will have the opportunity to make up tests in my class. In order to receive the opportunity to make up a test, they must complete a study guide prior to taking the make-up test. If they pass with an 80% or higher, they will be given a chance to retake a similar test and I will average the score of the two tests. The only opportunity for the students to make up the test is after school during our math tutoring session the following Thursday after the test is returned to them. There will not be an opportunity to take these tests home and correct on their own.



    Below is an outline of how grades will be determined in my math class.


                                    Individual Tests (40 pts)

                                    Team Test (20 pts)

                                    Homework Quizzes (10 pts)

                                    Content Quizzes (10 pts)


                                    Daily Homework (5 pts)

                                    Toolkit checks (10 points)


    Students will have a weekly behavior score based on the Pepper Drive Middle School Citizenship rubric. (10 pts each week).


    ***Please check PowerSchool online weekly for a full update on your child’s grades. If you did not receive the log-in information via US Mail, please contact the Pepper Drive office for a print out of this information. Due to the large amount of students in the middle school setting, it is difficult for teachers to update parents regarding their child’s grade on a regular basis. The PowerSchool system is the most efficient form of grade communication for the parent.


    Cheating and Plagiarism:

    Cheating is a serious offense. It is unacceptable for a student to cheat. If a student plagiarizes or cheats on an assignment, quiz, or test in my classroom, your child will receive a zero on this assignment and WILL NOT be able to make up the assignment. 

Last Modified on May 8, 2017