• iPad Rules

     Please be aware of the following rules. Failure to follow any of these rules will result in at least one STEP. The number of steps each infraction will incur is indicated in parenthesis ( ) at the end of each rule.  The number of STEPS can increase for repeating the same infraction.


    1. DO remember to bring your iPad to school each day. (1)

    2. DO remember to charge your iPad at home. It should be at least 90% charged each morning. (1)

    3. DO manage your storage space. Try to maintain at least 750 MB of available storage. (1)

    4. DO place iPads securely in backpacks upon dismissal, or in the correct place in the classroom for those iPads remaining at school. (1)

    5. DO use iPads only for assignments, both at school and at home. (varies, 1-4)

    6. DO report to your teacher immediately if your iPad is damaged or malfunctioning. (1)

    7. Do NOT share your device with others. (3)

    8. Do NOT touch or move a device if it isn’t your own. (3)

    9. Do NOT remove an iPad from the classroom without the teacher’s permission. (1)

    10. Do NOT misuse your iPad. This includes the following:

      • Do NOT handle your iPad in any manner which could be unsafe. (2)

      • Do NOT take photos/recordings, unless approved by the teacher. (varies 1-4)

      • Do NOT engage in inappropriate searches. (4)

      • Do NOT use the iPad for inappropriate communication. (4)

      • Do NOT access any accounts other than your own. (4)