• Genius Hour
    What is Genius Hour? 
    Genius Hour is one hour of class spent researching whatever YOU are passionate about.
    Watch this video for an overview on Genius Hour. 
    Learning Objectives
    - You will drive your own learning through your own interests.
    - You will produce a creative project of your choice.
    - You will present your projects to the class. 
    Possible Resources
    Explain Everything
    Google Slides
    Google Docs 
    Cool Tools for School 
    Working by yourself or in a group (of no more than 4)...
    1.  Begin by brainstorming a list of things you are passionate about and/or topics you are interested in knowing more about on paper.  
    2.  Once you narrow it down to one topic, fill out the Genius Hour Project Proposal in Notability.  One form must be completed per
    project.  Turn in your form to Ms. Meaux through Edmodo.
    3.  Create a project based on what you've researched.  This can be a presentation, movie, skit, commercial, letter, blog, website...this is open to your creativity.  If you are unsure of your project choice, ask Ms. Meaux for approval.  
    4.  Begin your research using your ipad or class computers.
    5.  You will have 4 Friday Genius hours to complete your project before you present to the class. 
    How Will I Be Graded?
    You will be graded using this RUBRIC.
    Genius Hour is about investigating and exploring YOUR interests.  You only have one hour.  Ready, set...GO! 
    Additional Resources:
    Watch this video for student Genius Hour Project examples. 
    Watch this video for student reflections on Genius Hour.