• Homework Specifics


    Homework is given to my students via their general education teachers. They also have the ability to work on various computer based programs while at home.


    Dreambox & Achieve 3000: 

    Please remember that your child must do these programs on their own. This is very important, as Dreambox is a self-regulating program and sets itself to each student learning level based on their work. The more assignments that they complete, the more information the program has to assign the correct level work. If they are getting assistance at home, this will cause them frustration while at school. If they need help, please explain to them how to do the problem, then allow them to solve it on their own. This is also true for Achieve 3000.



    This is another excellent computer based program that your child can access while at home for extra practice in the area of Math and Language Arts. I have emailed you each the codes that you need to access IXL.com. I have also given this information to my students. I encourage you to review what is available for your child through IXL so that you can then encourage your child to make use of the amazing lessons it contains. If you need me to resend you the codes, please let me know.


    Thank you so much for your assistance.