• Avoid Use of ALL CAPS
    Avoid ALL CAPS sentences. ALL CAPS can be difficult to read and can be read incorrectly by screen reader.
    An ALL CAPS word creates a parallel edge at the top and bottom, giving the word a low shape contrast. Text in Non Caps shows multiple adjacent edges at the top and bottom, give the word a higher shape contrast.
    Example of Word Shape Contrast 
    Word Shape Contrast
    The more non-parallel edges your text has, the higher the shape contrast. High shape contrast makes words easier for users and easier for screen reader to recognize the word. 
    Screen Readers also have difficulty translating/reading text in ALL CAPS. The following example is what a screen reader sees and translate an ALL CAPS sentence. The result is no longer readable or understandable.
    Text on Screen              THIS SENTENCE IS IN ALL CAPS
    Screen Reader                T. H. I. S. S. E. N. T. E. N. C. E. I. S. I. N. A. L. L. C. A. P. S.
Last Modified on December 20, 2016