• Alternate Text (Alt Tag)
    Adding an Alternate Text or Alt Tag to images is the first principal of web accessibility. 
    Alternate Text or Alt Tag is a word or phase that is inserted as an alternate attribute in the webpage to describe an image to those who can not see the image, it provide a clear text alternative of the image for screen reader users. Alt Tag serves several functions
    • It is read by screen readers in place of images, allowing the content and function of the image to be accessible thru the screen reader
    • It is displayed in place of the image in the browser if the image file is not loaded or when the user has chosen not to view the image
    • It provides a semantic meaning and description to images which can be read by search engines
    Every image MUST have an Alt Tag unless it is a decorative image or when the content presented in the image is conveyed elsewhere, such as in a caption. 
    When inserting photos to your website, always include a description of the image in the "Alternative Text:" field.
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Last Modified on December 20, 2016