• 6th Grade Camp
    PRIDE Academy attends camp on: May 29th - June 1st, 2018 
    The cost of camp this year is $250.00
    * A payment schedule can be arranged in order to allow for payments to be stretched over time, even after camp has taken place.  All payment schedules must be pre-approved by a Vice Principal.  Please contact Mrs. Bonser if you want to consider a payment schedule. 
     Interested in making a payment online?  Click the link below:
    6th Grade Camp Payment
    Questions about camp?  Please read the following information to get the final details.
    To find information about what to bring, click: Packing List
    To view the link for the County Outdoor School, click HERE
    Want to write a letter to your child?  Consider sending it the week before camp to have the best chance of getting to them.  Please write 'PRIDE Academy' on the outside of the envelope.  Camp address:

    12561 Highway 79

    Descanso, CA  91916