Important Dates and Reminders

    We are looking forward to making our Edible Christmas Trees during our Holiday Celebration on Thursday, December 21st! If you would like to donate items, take a look at the list below. We need the items by Wednesday, December 20th. Please email me to let me know which items you would like to provide. Thank you for your support!


    Items Needed (Unopened):

    6 Containers of green frosting

    4 Containers of white frosting

    Twizzlers Pull & Peel Candy

    34 Sturdy white paper plates

    34 Plastic knives

    3 Bags of coconut shavings


    Clear Cellophane for wrapping


    Already Donated:

    ice cream cones

    1 bag of coconut shavings

    3 large Bags of Mini M&Ms