Math-History-Public Speaking (elective) are the courses being taught in Room 36.
    Room #36 Supply List
    These are supplies I would like to suggest each student plan on bringing to school. These will be your personal supplies and will be kept in your backpack. (Be sure to put your name on your belongings.) I do have classroom supplies if you are unable to obtain all of these items. Most things can be found at a dollar store.
    • A 3-ring binder with divider tabs (make sure it isn’t too big to fit in your backpack).  
    • Two highlighter markers of different colors. 
    • Dry erase markers and eraser (a balled sock works well)  
    • A steady supply of lined binder paper and graph paper 
    • Spiral notebook
    • A steady supply of pencils with erasers  
    • A set of crayons, colored pencils, or felt tip markers (Crayola). 
    • A ruler with standard and metric units. 
    • A glue stick.           
    I have also included a list of community supplies that I would appreciate donations of….
    • Prize jar trinkets (no candy, please)
    • Boxes of Kleenex tissues
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Baby wipes
    • Pencils    
    • Swifters  
    • Post-its     
    • Lined loose leaf binder paper
    • Graph loose leaf binder paper
    • Extra highlighter markers
    • Felt tip markers (Crayola) 
    • Extra dry-erase markers.