• I am excited to be able to offer your student an opportunity to be a part of a flexible seating classroom this year!

    What is flexible seating?

    A classroom with flexible seating looks different from a traditional classroom that uses only desks and chairs. Items such as pillows, stools, stability balls, standing desks, etc. are used to allow students to have options for where they can best work and learn. The goal of flexible seating is to give students choice and to help them find the type of seating that allows them to achieve their best learning. Their best learning spot may change throughout the day based on their needs or the work that they’re being asked to do, so students will have the option of changing work spots when necessary. 

    How will flexible seating be introduced?

    At the beginning of the school year I invite students to join me to create a list of guidelines/rules for using the different seating options. I spend time teaching them what it should look like when they’re using the seats and how to best take care of them. I allow students the opportunity to try out different options in our classroom and determine where they would work best. They will be able to evaluate the choices available in order to choose the best spot for them to complete the task they are being asked to complete. 

    There are many different options for seating, but you will notice that all options still allow for a workspace for students. Almost all of the seating choices are placed at tables and individual desks are available for any student who shows me that they need a bit more structure (or less choice).

    There are many benefits behind flexible seating. It empowers your kids, increases student engagement, and helps to prepare students for the real world. I anticipate that my students will love the opportunity to have a choice about their seating!

    If at any time there is a concern regarding your students seating choice and preference, I encourage your students to speak with me and advocate for themselves. If there are any concerns on your end, please do not hesitate to contact me! 

    I look forward to empowering your students through flexible seating this year!