Cajon Park Junior High Physical Education Guidelines

    7th/8th Grade P.E. Educators: Mr. Bruce Jennings, Ms. Lori Petchauer, Mr. John Beacom, Mrs. Sheila Harris




    Our Physical Education program this year will focus on improving the physical fitness of our students. Students will take part in calisthenics, running, jogging and team sports. Flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular endurance are measured throughout the year. In the spring the 7th graders will take the California Physical Fitness Test. Every student is required to participate in physical education class unless a medical exemption is on file in the junior high health office.

    Please read and discuss these guidelines with your junior high student. SUPPLIES: the following is appropriate dress for P.E.:

    • Cajon Park shirt (Al’s Sport Shop)
    • Navy blue mesh or sweat shorts (Al’s, Target, Mervyn’s etc.)
    • Sweat warm-up pants (any SOLID color)-may be worn in place of shorts ( not to be worn in other classes)
    • Sweatshirt or windbreaker for cooler weather
    • ATHLETIC SHOES (tie or Velcro, rubber soles); socks
    • Deodorant (no glass or aerosols)

    Cajon Park shirts and blue mesh/sweat shorts may be purchased at Al’s Sport Shop, 9250 Mission Gorge Road, Santee; phone # (619) 562-4263.

    • Students are to have their P.E. supplies by THE SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL. If there is a problem obtaining these articles, please SEND A NOTE to one of the P.E. teachers and we will give loaner clothes.
    • Shirts and shorts should be MARKED WITH STUDENT’S FIRST INITIAL AND LAST NAME.
    • If a student forgets his/her gym clothes or cannot purchase a set, loaner clothes will be issued. These are CLEAN clothes. If a student needs to keep a loaner set for the year, they will be responsible for washing them each week and returning them at the end of the year.
    • E. clothes are to be worn appropriately, shirts tucked in, with no underwear showing!
    • Students will be issued a lock and a P.E. locker to store their P.E. clothes during the week. It is the student’s responsibility to care for the lock. If the lock is lost, the student will pay $5.00 for the lost lock and then be issued a new lock.
    • It is the student’s responsibility to lock their locker at all times!!! Anything lost or stolen is the student’s responsibility.
    • There will be no borrowing of friend’s P.E. clothes. This will result in a borrow and reduce their points for the day.


    • If a medical reason arises which would limit a student’s participation, a note from parent or physician is to be TURNED IN TO THE HEALTH CLERK before school or at lunch.
    • The note should include the student’s first and last name, the date, the reason for excuse and the length of time the student is to be excused from P.E.
    • After three days a doctor’s note is requested. If a student has a PHYSICIAN’S NOTE, he/she will not report to P.E.; the student will report to the office for reassignment to a classroom.
    • If the student has a note from home for three days or less, the student is expected to dress out for P.E. The note excuses the student from participation, not from suiting up. The student will stay with his/her class and may assist in refereeing, equipment, etc.

    NO FOOD OR GUM in P.E. class or restroom.

    NO HAIR SPRAY, SPRAY DEODORANT, GLASS CONTAINERS, OR AEROSOL CANISTERS can be in the P.E. locker room. Health Code requirements prevent this.

    Girls – undershirts must be white (NOT WORN TO SCHOOL)          


    A daily point system will be used to determine a student’s letter grade in P.E. A student may earn 5 points for participation each day and 5 points for completing the running of the mile in the allotted time each week. The point system in NOT based on athletic ability, but does emphasize SUITING OUT, FULL PARTICIPATION, COMPLETING THE MILE, PROPER ATTITUDE, AND EFFORT. Occasionally there will be written tests relating to the unit we are studying. Points for tests will be added on to the weekly points earned. Bonus points can be earned for extra effort. Weekly totals are available to students each week on Power School.



     Students will earn 5 points each day they dress out and participate and

     5 points for completing the weekly mile in the time allotted.

    Students will lose points in the following manner:

    • Borrow P.E. clothes -3 points
    • Walking lap -2 points
    • Tardy -2 points (must be seated on number)
    • Clothes -2 points (shirts not tucked in, sagging or rolled shorts, no socks)
    • Exercises -2 points
    • Mile run -5 points
    • Refusal to borrow will result in an office referral -5 points
    • Suspension from P.E. -5 points


    CITIZENSHIP GRADING: Students citizenship will be negatively affected by the following:

    • Chewing Gum
    • Inappropriate Language
    • Not following directions
    • Poor sportsmanship
    • Suspension from P.E.
    • Office Referral


    We believe that every student can easily earn a passing grade with satisfactory citizenship in Physical Education regardless of their physical stature if they will dress out each day and try to do the best they can in all areas.  Please keep in mind, P.E. is a participation class and is graded accordingly.

    If you have any questions, Please call us at 956-2400. Thank you for your support and cooperation. Please send an email to your student’s PE teacher with your student’s name to let them know you have read and understand the rules or email one of us with any questions.