• Mr. Jennings


     8th Grade Science

    >Genetic Traits: Inheritance, Variation, Adaptations

    >Solar System and Earth
    >Force and Motion
    >Human Impact


    Class Rules

    1.  be a Team

    2.  No Whining, no exuces. No Complaining

    3. Be responsible

    4. Respect



    Good Attitude



    {{Optional Items}}

    Colored Pens/Markers



    Glue Stick



    Scholarship GRADE

    Ø All assignments are based on points

    Ø Grades are available on PowerSchool & updated weekly

    Ø Late work - grade reduced by 10% each week

    Ø Absent students have the number of days absent to make up work 


    Academic Honesty

    · All students are expected to complete their own work.

    · Cheating will not be tolerated.

    · Cheating includes: coping another student’s work, plagiarizing, coping from the internet without properly citing sources, claiming another person’s ideas,         thoughts or work as their own

    · Cheating will earn 0 points/F on assignment/test/ project and cannot be redone or retaken

    Effort GRADE

    Ø Turns in quality work on time

    Ø Positively participates in class

    Ø Comes to class prepared

    Ø Perseveres through difficult tasks

    Ø Positively adds to class     



    Citizenship GRADE

    Ø Positive Attitude during class

    Ø Self-discipline

    Ø Volunteers to help others/class

    Ø Actively participates in class

    Ø Positively adds to class activities

    Ø Responsible and Respectful

    Ø Stays on task

    Ø Follows all class



    -Step Card

    -Resorative Practices

    -Call Home/email

    -Referral to office

    -Dress Code violations require

    students to change clothes


    -White and colored paper

    -Pencils  -Plastic Spoons

    -Kleenex  -Tape

    -Staplers  -Zip-lock-type bags