Course Syllabus
  • Course Overview


    Each student will improve and gain mastery across a range of skills as a reflective and evaluative reader, influential writer, effective speaker, and intent listener.  I uphold the vision and goal of equipping students with strong skill sets for and at the 8th grade level — and for the readiness for high school to support the mindset of college, career, and civic life.  We will delve into rigorous, meaningful, creative, and fun learning experiences!

    I am excited to announce that we are implementing an outstanding, new  English Language Arts (ELA) and English Language Development (ELD) Digital Program called Amplify ELA.

    Our class fully exercises the Common Core Standards:


    Common Core          A balance of reading                     Knowledge in the           A staircase of

    Standards:               informational and                          disciplines through       complexity w/ teacher

                                     literary text                                   text rather than the      facilitating close

                                                                                            teacher                          reading & writing


    We are C.O.R.E.!      Students engage in rigorous       Writing from sources,    An emphasis in            

                                     evidence based conversations    emphasizing textual       academic vocabulary

                                     about text and produce               based evidence to          access grade level

                                     thoughtful verbal and                  inform or make              complexity of text

                                     written responses                        an argument


    Curriculum:              Amplify ELA & ELD                      Achieve 3000                 Select novels and

                                     California Edition                        reading program            informational text


    Supplemental            The Teachers College                 6 + 1 Traits of Writing   Resources with

    Materials:                  Reading & Writing                                                              technology

                                      Project from Columbia Univ.

    Google Classroom:

    We will use Google Classroom as a way to communicate, send and receive work, and use the many tools Google provides for fun and worthy learning experiences.  Your child will have a password to access our Google Classroom anytime and anywhere that internet access is available. 


    Assignment Policies:

    • Students are expected to check Google Classroom daily for ELA assignments.  Google Classroom is a place of workflow for us so that students can access assignments, criteria sheets, grading rubrics, communicate with me, and submit their work.  As an option, students might find it helpful to write down their assignments in a planner or notebook of some kind.  Assignments and due dates are always posted in our classroom and on Google Classroom.
    • Due dates must be met!  Turning assignments in on time is mandatory for the 8th grade expectations of college, career, and civic readiness.  It’s important to know that due dates are clearly set and agreed upon as a class.
    • The consequence of not meeting a due date is that full credit is not awarded.  Exceptions are made for special circumstances, such as illness, that are confirmed with a parent and by me.
    • Homework is not typically assigned daily in our ELA class, but it is assigned as needed to complete activities we are working on in class; reading, writing, and projects.  Reading is an exception to this; students should read every day.