• 4th Grade

    Book Reports

    There will be book speeches due throughout the school year. The books you choose must be grade level appropriate in length (approximately 100 pages), appropriate reading level, a book you have not read yet or read together in class.  Your speech must be 2-3 minutes long. You will be graded on how well you talk about your book.  Book reports are to be completed at home - not in class.

    Fiction Book Speeches must include:

    1.   The title

    2.   The author

    3.   The genre

    4.   Main characters

    5.   Setting

    6.   Problem and solution

    7.   Overall summary (beginning, middle, and end)

    8.   Volume

    9.   Enunciation (clear speaking voice)

    10.  Posture/Poise

    11.  Correct length of time (2 to 3 minutes)

    12. Eye contact (Must NOT read your speech!)

    Non-Fiction, Biographical Book Speeches must include:

        1.   The title

    2.   The author

    3.  The genre

    4.   8 facts

    5.   Volume

    6.   Enunciation (clear speaking voice)

    7.   Posture/Poise

    8.   Correct length of time (2 to 3 minutes)

    9.   Eye contact

    You must be prepared on the assigned day. You must prepare your own note cards (we have index cards you may use). You must have project finished and presentable on day of speech.

    Due Week of:

    Book Type


    October 23

    Tri 1


    Movie Poster. Create a movie poster designed to advertise your book that has been made into a movie. Use paper at least 12X18 or poster board.  We have construction paper you may use. Must be color. Neatness counts!

    December 18

    Tri 2


    Your Choice! You may do your favorite project or create your own! Examples include talk show, video, power point, share, sculpture, pixie, frames, prezi, and puppet show. Use your imagination!

    February 26

    Tri 3

    Free Choice

    Create a game. Make a board game from your favorite book of the year. Decorate it based on the book’s setting, use main characters as pieces, and have a defined object of the game. A rule book is a must.

    April 23

    Tri 3


    Portrait. Hand-drawn (12X18) portrait of person with paper frame. Write a 3-5 paragraph essay describing notable accomplishments this person has made.