• Dear Parent/Guardian and Student:

    Welcome to 4th Grade Camp! You are a valuable asset to this 4th grade class, and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of your academic journey! If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Our academic schedule will consist of:

    • Language Arts – This subject encompasses many different areas such as:  reading, writing, listening, speaking, spelling, the computer program Achieve3000, and more. Please make sure your child is reading every night and that s/he picks books that challenge the student, but ones s/he can read independently so s/he will be successful. The district adopted Wonders program along with Literature Kits will be utilized.
    • Math – District adopted Math Expressions curriculum including Think Central (the online component), DreamBox, projects, and hands on resources.
    • Social Studies – The students will be learning all about our community- past and present within the state of California.
    • Science – This will be a combination of Earth, Life, and Physical Sciences with hands on activities, individual/group projects and presentations. Attendance is key!
    • Physical Education - We will be doing a combination of the OPEN PE program along with Teacher/Student Created games, and the Mile Club. Please make sure to wear appropriate shoes and expect PE everyday.
    • Art – We are lucky to have Arts Attack as our art program and need a parent volunteer! If you are interested, please let me know! In addition we will have many in class cross curricular art activities.
    • Library – We will have a weekly library scheduled time on Tuesdays. Please make sure your child brings their books everyday for reading.

    Cajon Park Folders: In order to manage materials successfully, students should use their Cajon Park Folder starting on the first day of school. THE FOLDER MUST BE BROUGHT TO SCHOOL EVERY DAY.  

    • Work that your child doesn’t complete (unfinished work) will come home each day in the “bring back to school" side of the Cajon Park folder; it must be finished and turned in the next school day.  
    • Each student will also have a spiral notebook at the beginning of the year for writing. (Donations are greatly appreciated!)
    • Students are allowed to bring ALL books and & notebooks home to complete unfinished work. They are responsible for bringing them back the following school day.
    • All materials must be neat, complete, and organized. Thank you for helping your student with organization. It is key for success!
    • The Cajon Park folders will be filled with graded papers and notices every Friday. Please hold on to the work for the trimester.

    For Homework your child will be required to:

    • Read 20 minutes (Daily) OR Achieve3000
    • Complete 2 achieve3000 lessons (weekly)
    • Complete at least 5 Dreambox lessons (weekly)
    • Complete any UNFINISHED WORK that was started in class (including weekly goals for Dreambox & Achieve 3000)
      • The majority of work is started in class. Whatever is not finished at the end of the day becomes homework.
    • Book Reports are the only assignment done completely at home.

    Missing work will affect your child’s grade and may result in quiet work time during recess to allow them to catch up. If your student has a large amount of homework, please check with your child and/or contact us as s/he may be having a challenging time with the work or using his/her class time unwisely.


      • We will fill out an assignment calendar to ensure everyone knows what assignments are expected and when they are due.
      • Your child is responsible for filling out his/her calendar accordingly (Daily assignments are always written on the board as well). We will fill this out together for the first couple of weeks. After that, the students will take full responsibility.
      • Completed assignments should have a check mark next to them to indicate completion.
      • Any assignment not completed should be circled or highlighted.
      • The calendar should be turned in signed and checked by the parent every Monday (or Tuesday if there is no school for a Monday holiday).


    • The Calendar is to stay in the front of their Cajon Park Folder everyday!


    • This calendar will help the students stay organized and teaches them to be responsible for their work.
    • Before you sign the calendar:
      • Please look over your child’s work and STAR Folder.
      • Have them fix any papers that need to be corrected & complete any unfinished work.
      • Return both the signed calendar and STAR Folder on the following school day.

    Technology: We will be using the ipads to utilize many online learning sites/apps such as Google Classroom, DreamBox, LearnZillion, Achieve 3000, etc. Since we have 1:1 devices there will be many opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge of content!

    Classroom Environment: In order to make our class a pleasant place to be, and to give ALL students the opportunity to learn, the class rules are:

    1. Respect
    2. Listen and follow directions
    3. Contribute to the learning process

    Students will be expected to act appropriately and to take responsibility for their choices and actions.

    Incentives to inspire appropriate behavior include: verbal praise, student of the month, marble jar party, table points, “Camp”liment points, and many other positive rewards! I love to catch them making good choices!

    Consequences for disrupting the learning environment include: warnings, removal from the activity or recess, private talk with teacher, phone call home, parent conference or office referral. Any serious disruption will cause the student to be sent to the office immediately. We will use the step program to help students know where his/her behavior stands. ClassDojo will keep track of this and keep us all on the same page.

    There are five steps:

    1. Verbal Warning (we will give at least one verbal warning before issuing a step)
    2. No morning recess, and conference with the teacher
    3. Phone call home by student with teacher supervision
    4. Visit to the principal’s office
    5. Suspension from school

    In Trimester 1 the steps clear daily. In Trimesters 2 & 3 each step is followed by 3 days probation. If the student improves during those 3 days, the step is cleared and the student is given a fresh start.  If the student does have an issue within the probation period, s/he is given the next step up with further consequences, and the 3 day’s probation starts all over again.

    ClassDojo: We will be utilizing a great communication tool, ClassDojo, to provide instant notification of behavior progress throughout the year. Student behavior is tracked and visible to parents and students instantly using ClassDojo. Percentages will be used for the report card each trimester.

    Students will even be able to create their own stories displaying all their hard work in class!

    ClassDojo is also a place where we will send important reminders and updates, so please sign up and stay connected!

    Birthdays:  As a district, Santee has been working on improving the wellness of our children. It is also a nationwide law.  Cupcakes, cookies, and candy are no longer allowed in the classroom for birthdays. If you would like to provide a non-edible treat, please contact me first.                                                                                                     

    I am confident your child will make excellent academic progress this year. I will focus on the crucial educational standards and provide your child with an environment that stimulates growth and productivity. Your child will be challenged at their individual level throughout the year. It is in your child’s best interest that we work together this year to provide a positive learning experience. Your support at home influences your student’s efforts in class. Please feel free to email/call if you have any questions (email tends to be the fastest, and is my preferred method of contact).



    Mrs. Candace Ginn

    Email: Candace.ginn@santeesd.net