• CPM College Prepartory Math


    Your child will be using College Preparatory Math (CPM). It uses a style of learning that has been around for over twenty years. It is designed for all math students as a means to promote College and Career readiness.  With CPM, students learn to use new models and methods in thinking about and solving problems.  Students will develop skills and employ mathematical tools as they discover unique ways of thinking about and investigating situations.  They will be making connections, discovering relationships, discovering what strategies can be used to solve problems, and explaining their thinking.  Learning to think in alternative ways and clearly communicate about your thinking is useful in mathematical contexts, other subjects in school, and situations outside the classroom. As noted above, research shows that children who work together to solve problems retain the information better than children who work individually. (If you are interested in reading some of the research, go to http://cpm.org/research-base.)

                      In meeting the challenges of College Prep Math, students will not be learning alone.  They will cooperate with other students as members of a study team.  Being a part of a team means speaking up and interacting with other people.  They will explain their ideas, listen to what others have to say, and ask questions if there is something they do not understand.  In CPM, a single problem can often be solved several ways.  Students may see problems in different ways than their teammates so, everyone has something to contribute!

                      Together, each team will complete problems and activities that will help students discover mathematical ideas and develop solution methods.  Teachers will support students as they work, but will not take away opportunities for students to think and investigate for themselves.  Throughout the year, each topic will be revisited many times and will connect to other topics.  If something is not clear the first time, students will have more chances to build their understanding as the course continues.

                      Learning math the CPM way has an advantage:  as long as students actively participate, make sure everyone in their study team is involved, and ask good questions, students will find themselves understanding mathematics at a deeper level than before.  By the end of this year, students will have a powerful set of mathematical tools to use to solve new problems.  CPM is 100% aligned to the California Common Core Standard and Standards for Mathematical Practice.

                      In addition to the support provided by math teachers and student study teams, CPM created online resources to help build skills beyond the classroom.  This online support includes homework help  and a parent guide with extra practice.  You will find these resources and more at www.cpm.org.



    Your child will receive homework three to four days a week in math. There will be times where we may skip homework, but it will be very rare. Homework is review work and is given to strengthen concepts and skills learned in the classroom or in 5th grade. There will be more options regarding homework using a choice board format.  Please keep yourself updated on our classroom's website. (3pts)



    Content Quiz- Your child will have a content quiz randomly throughout the school year to ensure understanding of important concepts. It is up to your child to write in their planner the date of the quiz and to study. (10 pts)




     Culminating Chapter Assignments (10pts)


    Chapter Tests:


    Team Test: Your child will have the period to work together with their group to understand the concepts from the chapter. It will be up to the students to get help from each other and I will not help at the time they take the test. That day, they will turn in this assessment and I will give them the opportunity to go over any of the concepts with me that they didn’t understand after turning in. (10pts)


    Individual Test:  Your child will take an individual assessment on their own.  (30pts)



    Below is an outline of how grades will be determined in my math class.


                                    Individual Tests (40-50 pts)

                                    Team Tests  (10 pts)

                                    Student Presentations (10pts)

                                    Portfolio Entry  (10pts)

                                    Content Quizzes (10 pts)


                                    Classwork (5 pts)

                                    Homework (3 pts)



    Students will have weekly behavior score based on the Falcon Proud Matrix. 



    I will offer tutoring after school; days and times TBA. Please take advantage of this time if you are struggling or just enjoy math. More information to follow in the next couple of weeks. A permission slip will need to be signed prior to attending.