• Weekly Update 8/25


    This week seemed to fly by! I might be bias, but I think that I got the best group of 5th graders at our school. They are respectful, hard working, and trustworthy—truly wonderful!

    In class this week we decided on our class rules, did some “get to know you” activities, started reading our first novel The Lemonade Wars, and started to work on getting to know fractions.


    Coming up:

    • Back to School Night—September 6th at 6pm. Hope to see all of you here! If you are unable to make it, I’d be happy to meet with your family sometime after school within the next couple weeks.
    • Student iPads—These will be distributed the week of September 5th, so please make sure all of your paperwork is sent back in by then. We will be using the iPads frequently in class and they are integral to your students success.
    • Paperwork—Many of you returned the paperwork, so thank you! If you have not yet checked your child’s Rio Seco folder, please be sure to do that this weekend and send any necessary paperwork back.
    • Physical Education—We’ve started doing PE this week with Mrs. Board’s class. We’re slowly learning basketball drills and skills. Monday’s and Friday’s we will be doing jog/walk, so please make sure your student has appropriate foot attire on. If your child cannot participate in PE, please write or email me. Without parent consent, I cannot excuse your child from PE.



    It is HOT this time of year and many students are asking to drink lots of water. Please send your child with a reusable water bottle so that they may refill it and keep it with them in class. I encourage your kids to drink lots of water during the day, and reusable bottles are planet-friendly :)


    Each day that students come on time, our class is one step closer to earning a prize of new playground equipment. We’ve been doing great so far, let’s keep it up!


    If you have donated supplies, THANK YOU! If you have not and wish to we can use anything you wish to donate.



    The kids were sent home with reading homework that is due next Friday morning. I explained it to them, but in case they forget to tell you here is what they are to do: read 20 minutes PER DAY for 5 days. They will fill out their reading log, next to minutes read they will get a parent to initial that they did read for that amount of time on that day. Then, they will write a brief summary of what they read each day. Friday morning, the log and summaries will be turned in.

    So far, this will be our only homework that I want them to get in the routine of doing. Once we get our iPads the situation might change, but please take advantage of the extra free time in the evenings :)


    We made it through the first week! Have a happy weekend!