tree  camp


    Cuyamaca Outdoor School
    12561 Highway 79
    Descanso, CA 91916

    -This year we are going to Sixth Grade Camp from Monday, January 14 to Friday, January 18, 2019.

    -Use the address above to send a letter to your child while we're there.  Be sure to get it in the mail the Saturday before we leave or that Monday so it arrives before Friday morning. 

    -We always arrive back at school on Friday  between 11:30-12:15.  Parents may NOT attend camp with their student.  The camp is fully staffed with instructors, a principal, RNs, overnight staff, cafeteria staff, and the 6th grade teachers from Rio Seco.   The cost is $310 per child. 


    -You can make payments or pay in full with a check, cash, or  click here: http://firstlinemerchant.com/SSD/index.html
    -Take a tour of  Camp Cuyamaca
    -Watch a  video of camp