• Hello Students and Families!

    Welcome to Mrs. Fee's class!


    Name : Mrs. Laura Fee

    Email : laura.fee@santeesd.net

    Phone Number : 619-956-5024

    Building A - Room 4


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            Welcome to Mrs. Fee's Fantastic Frogs! I am so excited to meet you on Wednesday, August 21st! School will begin at 7:45am but the parking lot will be very busy, so please plan to come a little early! You will need to do a few things before you come:

    1. Know your student ID #. It is the 5 digit number code that you use to buy lunch. Please practice and try to have this number memorized.

    2. If you are not buying a snack/lunch, please have a small snack labeled to put into a separate bucket in the classroom.

    3. Please have all lunchboxes, water bottles, jackets, and backpacks labeled with your name!                                        

    4. Please know and be able to tell Mrs. Fee if you are a bus rider, go to Project Safe, or your parent will be picking you up at the blue gate at 1:35pm. If you are being picked up by a parent (in a car/walking), please find a spot in the front yard that is "Your spot" where your person will find you after school every day (ie: a specific rock, bench, tree, flagpole, etc.) This is so important so we all know where to go at the end of the day. Mrs. Fee has duty after school every other week and cannot wait with students until all are picked up. I will be walking them to the blue gate and they will be going to their designated "spot"! Project Safers will walk to the Kinder lunch tables to meet their Project Safe adult and Bus Riders will walk with the bus duty teacher to the bus line.

    5. You do NOT need to bring any first day of school supplies! All items needed for the classroom are in the wish list below. Also see purple box below. Specific items needed throughout the year will be posted on ClassDojo!



    Wish List Items Needed:

    • Shoe Boxes (Empty)
    • Gallon Size Ziploc Baggies
    • Snack Size Ziploc Baggies
    • Small Trinkets for prize box
    • Kleenex


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       Ongoing Wish List Items for 2019-2020 school year:
    Your child can bring these items to our classroom any day and your generosity will always be appreciated.
    • Empty Shoe Boxes
    • Small Trinket Toys for Prize Box
    • Kleenex
    • Baby Wipes
    • Expo Dry Erase (Whiteboard markers)
    • Ziploc Baggies (gallon, sandwich & snack size)
    • Small Buttons
    • Latex Free Band-Aids (non-medicated)
    • #2 Pencils (Dixon-Ticonderoga)
    • Copy Paper
    • Aluminum Can Tabs
Last Modified on August 20, 2019